Details for Kendo - Beginning

Age older than or equal to 8.00 and younger than or equal to 99.99. The date used for calculating the age is Item Begin Date.Transaction date/time after 11/13/19 @ 12:00am and before 04/15/20 @ 12:00am.
Household Category of Resident.
Transaction date/time after 11/25/19 @ 12:00am and before 04/15/20 @ 12:00am.
Household Category of Non-Resident.

Spirit Room Recreation Center650 Shell Blvd.Foster City, CA, 94404(650)286-3380

$5.00 $13.00 $5.00 $13.00 $10.00

Kendo is rooted in the sword fighting techniques of the Samurai. The martial art conditions the body and spirit through traditional physical and spiritual training. Practitioners will learn fundamental body movements and fighting techniques. Participation requires the use of a shinai (bamboo sword), which can be purchased on site. Protective gear (bogu) is not required. For beginners only. There is an additional yearly fee not included in the class fee. For more information visit


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