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Online: Public Speaking - Persuasive - FALLZOOM20.SP2

Note for all online classes, we will be sending a Zoom ink to parents at least three days before the class starts.

Students will be split into different groups based on age and/or skill level.
Public Speaking: Persuasive
Learn to argue effectively! In this online LIVE class, Students learn how to develop a well-organized and cohesive argument while gaining research and critical thinking experience that will strengthen their writing. The course emphasizes vocal and physical delivery and teaches students how to analyze their audience and use logos, pathos, and ethos to move listeners. Small class, detailed feedback, and professional coaches! Small classes of 12 students allow for ample individual feedback from expert instructors!

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Online: Public Speaking - Persuasive
09/12/2020 -10/31/2020
10:45 am -12:00 pm

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